A quiet coffee & a big idea

Matt & Tim

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and strike at any time.
For Tim Sternberg & Matt McDonald, it happened in a coffee shop in Byron Bay.

They’d met years before working in a global recruitment agency, with Tim leading Sales & Marketing, and Matt heading up Accounting.

They had different backgrounds and experiences, but quickly became friends. They also had complementary skills and the same values.

What they didn’t know, at the time, was that they both harboured ambitions to exit the corporate world.

Fast forward to the coffee shop. Where an impassioned discussion about the Australian economy led on to the enormous impacts that small to medium sized business have on society, despite not having the resources enjoyed by the big corporates. It didn’t seem fair.

And that was it. The ‘Aha’ moment.

If they combined their talents learned in big corporates with their passion for helping smaller businesses, they could bring practical and affordable knowledge and advice to a host of small to medium sized companies, helping them realise untold potential and leading to financial wellbeing for as many Australians as possible.

Small and medium sized business survival rates were the first issue, and they knew this could be addressed by focusing on business health. Then these businesses could grow sustainably and become more valuable.

The concepts of fairness, equality and opportunity kept rising to the surface too, and eventually helped form our purpose and values, which drive us to this day.

So here we are. The Advisory Collective brings a wealth of experience normally only available to big companies to smaller businesses, to help them to survive, grow and thrive through challenging times.

So if you’d like some help, just ask, we’d love to give you a hand.

Advisory Collective