A light touch, with ongoing advice

A light touch, with ongoing advice

This is perfect for small business owners who are looking for guidance, but are happy to get on with improving the business themselves.

You may be running a start-up with limited resources, or an established, family microbusiness with limited plans to grow.

Whatever situation you’re in, by now you’ve probably realised that you can’t do everything and discovered that it’s pretty lonely running your business – and now and again it would be great to bounce ideas off a trusted adviser.

Well, we can help with that.


After an Initial Consultation to determine your needs, we’ll meet every fortnight to help you work around roadblocks, or take advantage of opportunities. We know it’s easy to be derailed by the everyday reality of running a business, so this program also keeps you focused on the bigger picture we’ll develop together.

We’ll have the chance to cover the full range of challenges experienced across an annual business cycle, and we’ll have time to advise you while you put your plans into action.

How it works:

Initial Consultation

If we haven’t already been working with you, your first session will be with our Principal who has the most experience of your industry and circumstances. We’ll learn about your current concerns and priorities, and decide who’s best suited to work with you for the remainder of the program.

Fortnightly Meetings

We’ll catch up for a 75 minute session every two weeks, guiding and advising you as required, and otherwise keeping you on track. This frequency is enough to give you space to actually work “in” your business, but not so long that we lose momentum.

Quarterly Reviews

Every quarter we’ll take a step back in one of our meetings, and look at the big picture. Are you progressing well towards your goals? Do you need the help of a business consultant in any particular area ? If so, we’ll call in a specialist from our Collective, or from our wider networks.

Specialist Consultants

If and when the need arises, we may call in consultants who are members of our Collective to help you with general advice on a specific problem. All of this is included in your program – there’s no extra charge for meeting with members of our Collective from time to time.

12 Month Program

Quarterly Reviews

Fortnightly Meetings

Limited Access to Specialist Consultants from our Collective

$1,200 + GST per month

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