A word in your ear, or a plan for the year

A word in your ear, or a plan for the year

This is for business owners or leaders who want to know more about their Business Health Check results, help with their Strategic Plan, or for anyone looking to trial our services before making a longer commitment.

Either way, we’re always happy to help another Australian small to medium sized business.

Please choose from Business Health Consultation or Strategic Plan options:

Business Health Consultation

This consultation is completed after your Business Health Check assessment and builds on the scores and ratings in your Report. We’ll get to know your business and challenges better, and then provide advice and guidance to help you resolve your issues, or take advantage of your opportunities.

1 Hour Consultation Meeting with both of our Principals

2-3 Practical Recommendations to Improve Business Health

$600 + GST (1 hour)

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1.5 Hour Consultation Meeting with Both of our Principals (ideal if you require more advice)

3-4 Practical Recommendations to Improve Business Health

$750 + GST (1.5 hours)

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4.9 out of 5
10 reviews

Strategic Plan

Our Approach

We provide this Consultation using a combination of pre-work assignments and workshops with both of our Co-Founders and Principals.

We’ll help you confirm your business’s Purpose, Values and Goals.  We will then analyse the current Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats (‘SOWaT’) of your business.  Finally, we will help you to select, schedule, assign and set measurable targets for the Strategic Actions required to achieve your business’s Goals.

Strategic Plan & Critical Path

You’ll receive a concise Strategic Plan that captures all of the above. You’ll also receive a 12 month schedule of the Strategic Actions that you and your people need to take to achieve your business’s Goals, while staying true to its Purpose and Values.

After that you’re free to implement the Strategic Plan yourself, or you can request continued support through our range of Advisory Services programs.

All Pre-Work Materials

4 x 2 Hour Facilitation Sessions (over 1 month)

Strategic Plan

12 Month Critical Path for Implementation

$5,000 + GST

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always happy to explain more about our Consultations, and how they will help your business to sustainably grow and become more profitable and valuable.

Do I really need to book a Consultation after completing my Business Health Check?

We provide a comprehensive report based on your Business Health Check assessment results, but many of our clients want to hear more about what the ratings and scores mean for their business, eg which risks and opportunities within their business they should focus on first and how they might go about that.

We also use these Consultations to learn more about the stories behind the assessment answers and scores – we can usually provide more nuanced advice to our clients with the benefit of that additional context.

Why do you offer two levels of Business Health Check Consultations?

Its a question of choice – some clients are very time poor and might also be more price-averse, so they may choose the shorter option, whereas others have more availability and are able to invest in the longer option.

Our experience tells us that the longer consultations usually provide a better experience for our clients – we can dig further into the report results and our clients’ business contexts and issues, and we usually provide more practical recommendations. And obviously the longer session is slightly better value, on a cost per hour basis.

I already have a Strategic Plan for my business, why should I ask for your help to create a new one?

Many clients find through their Business Health Checks that their existing Strategic Plans are no longer fit for purpose, so they would benefit from an update at the very least.

Our Strategic Plan clients have told us that our approach is very comprehensive and efficient and leaves them with the clarity and confidence to implement their prioritised actions. Where possible, we do incorporate any existing plans that our clients have into that process, to speed up the work and capitalise on previous investments.