Accelerate growth, at a critical time

  • Reset and implement your Strategic Plan
  • Increase sales and profitability
  • Manage cashflow, operating constraints and risks
  • Invest in people, systems and premises – with confidence
Accelerate growth, at a critical time

If you’ve reached a stage where your business has a real chance of breaking through to the next level, you’re in the right place. 

Our Accelerate program will help drive the growth of your business, increasing profitability in a sustainable way.


We’ll help you plan your strategy, looking at your business objectively – and we’ll cover every aspect of the Six Pillars of business health.

We’ll then meet with you every fortnight to advise you and keep your plans on track, and we’ll also take on some projects to help you out. When a business is growing there’s always a lot to do.

Calling in our specialist consultants from the Collective as needed, we’ll work as a team to both improve business health and accelerate growth.

How it works:

6 Month Commitment

We recommend six months for this program, including the initial Business Health Check and Strategic Planning phases, so that we can support you as you settle into a new way of working, and to help if anything unexpected crops up. Clients often extend on a monthly basis thereafter, or switch to another Advisory Services program.

Business Health Check

You’ll start with our unique assessment providing a holistic view of the health of your business, across all Six Pillars. This highlights areas of your business that might need help, sooner rather than later.

Strategic Plan

Next, we’ll meet with you over a one month period to help you plan the strategic actions required to achieve your growth goals.

Critical Path

We will help you map out a 12 Month Critical Path for your growth action priorities, spread out to give you time to still work ‘in your business’.

Fortnightly Meetings

These regular 90 minute sessions are designed to keep you on track, identify new and developing opportunities and risks, and provide advice on issues as they arise. We’ll also help you develop and increase your own strategic management capability – and the frequency of consultations gives you enough space to do just that, without losing momentum with your growth plans.

Support for Actions Required

We also work between meetings on specific, agreed projects, delivering ‘hands on’ support when and where you most need it to deal directly with specific growth opportunities and risks.

Specialist Consultants

Now and again, you may also require advice from a specialist consultant from our Collective. This introduction and general advice is built into the program, and delivered to you at no extra cost, and you can also engage them directly for any agreed services outside the scope of our Advisory Accelerate program with you.

6 Month Program

Program Critical Path

Fortnightly Meetings

Support for Actions Required

Access to Specialist Consultants from our Collective

$5,000 + GST for the Strategic Plan (discounted from $6,000 + GST when purchased on its own), delivered in month 1

$2,200 + GST every month for the next five months

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