Increase business health, maximise wealth

  • Increase sustainable profitability and business value
  • Manage risks that reduce business value
  • Understand business valuations and sale processes
  • Implement solutions that increase business value
Increase business health, maximise wealth

This program has been designed to help you maximise the value of your business before selling it, or the entry of a new business partner or investor.

You’ve put in the time and effort to get to this stage, we’ll help you earn the return on investment you deserve.


This is an intensive six month program, but the payoff is worth it. We’ll help you understand what your business might be worth now, and then we will work with you to increase that overall value, putting you in a stronger position when the time comes to either sell or admit a new business partner or investor.


We start by assessing your business with our unique Business Health Check , across all Six Pillars. This process helps identify issues that may directly affect the current value of your business.


We then brief an independent business valuer on your behalf, if you choose that option, who will give you their professional opinion of the indicative value of your business based on its recent financial performance, its current business health and external business sale data.


At this point you may be satisfied with the value of your business and may wish to discuss exit or new investor attraction strategies.  However, in our experience most business owners prefer instead to take action to increase the likely value of their business, by increasing its financial performance and / or its business health.  We can then help you to implement those changes – there’s usually a lot to be done, but its well worth it.


We can also help you develop an exit or investor attraction strategy, if you don’t have one already.

How it works:

Business Health Check

Our unique assessment gives us a full view of the health of your business across all Six Pillars, and highlights areas that may be important for the current valuation of your business.

Valuation Planning Workshop

This two hour discovery workshop explores valuation issues for your business and also helps us to gather the information required for an indicative valuation, if you choose that option.

Indicative Valuation Report (Optional)

The independent valuer will deliver a report that estimates the current value of your business, shows how that valuation has been calculated and provides insights into the aspects of your business that add to or detract from that valuation.

Maximise Value Workshop

Assuming that you now wish to increase the value of your business, we’ll run a full day workshop with you to explore the business value issues identified and help you determine and plan the actions required to achieve your business value maximisation goals.

Exit or Investment Attraction Strategy

Depending on whether you intend to sell your business altogether, or to bring in a new business partner or investor, you may also require advice about how to best “cash in” the value of your business.  We can start discussing this with you in the Maximise Value Workshop, so that you know how the options you prefer may affect your plan and the actions that you might need to take.

Critical Path

You’ll also receive a 12 Month Critical Path document, prioritising and scheduling the actions planned to increase the value of your business.

Fortnightly Meetings

We will help you implement your plan to maximise business value by providing regular monitoring and advice to keep you on track, meeting with you each fortnight so that you can get on with the work and without losing momentum.

Support for Actions Required

In our experience, maximising business value will require that you make changes in areas where you don’t have the specialist expertise, so we help you with agreed projects between our fortnightly meetings.

Specialist Consultants

Now and again, you may also require advice from a specialist consultant from our Collective. This introduction and general advice is built into the program and provided to you at no extra cost, and you can also engage them directly for any agreed services outside the scope of our Advisory Maximise program with you.

6 Month Program

Business Health Check Report and Consultation

Independent, Indicative Business Valuation (Optional)

Maximise Value Workshop

Program Critical Path

Business Exit Plan (if required)

Fortnightly Meetings

Support for Actions Required

Access to Specialist Consultants from our Collective

$4,400 + GST per month, for six months, excluding Optional Business Valuation fees

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