More rewarding work, more of an impact, quicker

More rewarding work, more of an impact, quicker

Advising a large organisation can be frustrating. Good consulting ideas often work their way slowly through  clients’ complex hierarchy and processes, emerging after months or even years as watered down solutions that may “tick the boxes”, but don’t really achieve their intended purpose.

If that’s your experience, and you’re a business consultant with expertise in Strategy, Customers, People, Finances, Operations or Structures & Risks, then perhaps we should talk.

We only advise small to medium sized businesses, and we think you’ll like it.

How you’ll benefit from joining

Faster decisions, more work, minimum fuss or bureaucracy

You’ll meet and work with owners who are passionate about their businesses, who generally make their minds up quickly and with minimum fuss or bureaucracy. They’re usually more agile, open to new ideas, and you can help them make positive changes to their businesses much faster than is usually the case when dealing with multiple executives in large organisations.

Extend your network, learn from other specialists

You’ll also get to know a wide variety of other consultants, every one of them an expert in their field. You’ll have the chance to collaborate, learn from their experiences, and introduce potential clients to each other too.

Access to our marketing, receive qualified leads

You’ll benefit from the investments we make in marketing and advertising. Our sales channels deliver fully qualified leads for specialist consulting work that is outside our own expertise.

General advice to our Advisory Services clients

We offer a range of Advisory Services programs that are primarily serviced by our Principals, however we also offer our clients access to general advice from specialist consultants from time to time, fully included in their program fees. You’ll be paid a fair rate for these sessions, and we will take care of all client contracts, administration and invoicing.

Extend the terms, work directly with the client

Outside of our Advisory Services programs you are free to engage with clients that we introduce to you, on your own terms and conditions, without any commissions or management fees from us.

Advisory Collective

So what do you think?

Does that sound like something you’d like to be involved in?

We’ve known and worked with a huge variety of consultants and business over the years, and we can promise you one thing. It’s the most rewarding work we’ve ever done.

If you’d like to join

Please complete our online expression of interest form below.

If we see an opportunity to work together we will provide you with more information and, if you agree, take you through our selection, contracting and set up process, where our Co-Founders and Principals will vet your qualifications, skills and experience and explain how the Collective works. From there on we’ll conduct a trial period to ensure that your expertise and values are compatible with ours, and that the relationship works well for all concerned.

Then you’re onboard, and on your way as a member of the Advisory Collective….

Advisory Collective

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