Tim Sternberg

Co-Founder & Principal

Goods & Services Innovation & Pricing
Performance Monitoring
Personal & Business Sustainability
Retention & Loyalty
Strategy Goalsetting & Planning
Talent Attraction & Recruitment

Tim has over 15 years of connecting sales, marcomms and people with cohesive strategic plans to execute business objectives. He has a particular flair for innovation and helping his clients to capitalise on their digital and talent-based opportunities.

His industry background in Entertainment, HR and as a Business Consultant has lead him to work closely with government, tech startups, FMCG and many other clients across many markets in the USA, Europe and down the East Coast of Australia.

Tim Sternberg
Tim Sternberg

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from starting your own business?

Quite simply, not rushing, and enjoying the journey. After many years of working for other people, the 70hr work week was not sustainable, but I had a chance to reset my approach to work. Luckily, I had a business partner with a similar ethos. We call it “slowing down to speed up”.

We have a great vision for the business, but it is not going to be at the cost of our health and the dedication we provide to our clients. Each week we check in with each other and ask how we are doing. We also suggest impromptu mornings, afternoons or days off in the week when nothing is scheduled. This time out of the business provides a huge recharge and improves our productivity and innovation.

What is the most common misunderstanding that clients have about what consultants in your field do?

That we have a ‘silver bullet’, which will take all the pain away. Yes, we have some great methodologies, tools, and expertise around us that will help. We also utilise our clients’ current pain and ‘reframe’ that pain as an opportunity to become aware of their challenges and risks. It’s like a sixth sense that can be used for good strategic planning, rather than causing harm.

When business owners harness this capability for themselves, this is when we know our Advisory Services have been well implemented.

What is the one mistake that small and medium sized businesses typically make, that you think you can help your Advisory Collective clients to avoid?

Taking on too much! When you are a business owner, you are used to wearing many hats and multitasking to get things done. Do you ever feel like you are in a whirlwind? A good strategic planning process is one of the best ways to slow down and realign your actions with your Purpose, Vision and Goals. Often, we find at the ‘critical path’ stage, business owners attempt to assign all strategic actions to themselves, with unrealistic time frames.

Playing to your strengths, and delegating what is outside of your realm of expertise to the right staff, advisers and consultants will support your execution of a good strategic plan.

Skills and Experience

  • Sales & Business Development Strategy & Planning
  • Marketing & Communication Strategy & Planning
  • Talent Attraction, Employer Branding & Employer Value Proposition
  • Business Strategic Planning

You don’t have to go it alone any more. And working together, the sky’s the limit!

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