Intender Digital Case Study

Intender Digital Case Study

By Matt McDonald
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The Challenge 

Intender is a cutting edge digital performance and marketing consulting firm based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, with “blue chip” clients based both in Australia and overseas.

The highly talented husband and wife owners were increasingly stressed running a small business in a rapidly growing market, and unclear on how to:

  • Consciously plan for their own business success, properly balancing their personal and business goals.
  • Attract and develop the key (but scarce) talent the business needed to service existing growth and, eventually, allow for business succession.
  • Negotiate better deals with clients and channels to market.
  • Introduce the right types of “corporate” best practices that are necessary in their industry, while still maintaining their preferred team culture.
  • Make the business less dependent on themselves, at a time when their family was also growing.


What We Discovered

  • The business was growing but lacked a Strategic Plan – so previously hidden risks were starting to smother the more obvious opportunities.
  • Fees charged to clients were too low for the value delivered, and some channels to market were soaking up scarce capacity but delivering inadequate yields and brand awareness.
  • Budgeting, forecasting and project management systems and tools were not optimised for growth.  Future operating capacity was not being planned or managed, and true operating margins were unclear.
  • The owners were not receiving the taxation advice they needed, at an affordable price, and their operating structure was outdated and had long term capital gains tax risks.
  • Terms of business and employment contracts were outdated and risky.


How We Solved Intender’s Problems

  • We started with a comprehensive Strategic Plan that captured the owners’ shared goals and determined the right actions to take.
  • We provided ongoing strategic advice and structure to build sustainable foundations for growth.
  • We coached the owners on best practice in recruiting, managing and developing talent, without incurring expensive recruitment fees.
  • We worked with new tax accountants we introduced to design and implement the right business structure, meeting all operational, taxation and risk management needs of the owners.
  • We implemented highly practical budgeting, forecasting and capacity management processes and suggested a suitable project management system.
  • We introduced new terms of business, employment contracts and other fit for purpose compliance tools.
  • We coached the owners on how to make better strategic and operational decisions, solving their own problems rather than others.
  • We also sensitively supported the owners when stresses were high and they sometimes lacked clarity about the substantial progress they were making.



What We Delivered


Year on Year Growth:

  1. 122% Increase in YTD Revenue
  2. 208% Increase in YTD EBITDA
  3. Steeply growing sales pipeline, with headcount now tripled to scale further


We also created:

  • More confidence for the owners to take on more clients, charge fairer fees, and negotiate fair terms with both key staff and business partners.
  • The means for the owners to create a strong pipeline of talent, without high recruitment fees, despite a very tight hiring market.
  • A complete roadmap to promote suitable leaders to director level, and potentially to take equity shares in the business.
  • A business that is now increasingly attractive and valuable, for either external buyers or emerging internal successors.
  • Greater clarity for the owners about what really matters to them about their business, and how they should best work together to achieve their goals.


“We thought we knew how to grow a business, then I met Tim & Matt. They’re now essentially our board, helping guide, challenge and refine everything we do. We’ve grown 122% in 18 months. It’s been nothing short of enlightening. Had I not engaged Advisory Collective, I’d still be a one-man-band. 12 months later, we’re 12 strong and booming.” 

 – Philip Ohren, Founder, Intender Digital

Matt McDonald

Matt McDonald

Matt has worked as a CFO, Acting CEO, Company Secretary and Head of Sales and HR for 30+ years.

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