Byron Bay Ranga Case Study

Byron Bay Ranga Case Study

By Tim Sternberg
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The Challenge 

Byron Bay Ranga is a well regarded, high-end landscaping and garden maintenance business, servicing luxury properties in Northern Rivers, NSW. The owner was burnt out from working so hard “in the business” himself, and unclear on how to:

  1. Grow the business further, to deliver sustainably higher revenue, gross margin and EBITDA.
  2. Increase business value with a lower risk profile, with less personal stress.
  3. Make the business less dependent on himself, so that he could spend more time with his family and, over time, pursue other passions.


What We Discovered

  • The business had great residential clients but was not capitalising on valuable commercial opportunities.
  • Terms of business were outdated and risky.
  • Pricing structures were outdated, did not reflect true value delivered and did not respond to rising labour and materials costs.
  • Billing models and systems were causing cashflow delays, and working capital levels were weak.
  • Overheads were high for the scale of the business.
  • Siloed systems and out of date internal processes led to financial and operational data deficiencies and labour inefficiencies.
  • The owners were not receiving the accounting and taxation advice and compliance assurance they needed.



How We Solved Byron Bay Ranga’s Problems

  • We helped our client select a new tax accountant, who provided clarity around the true financial position of the business and sound tax advice.
  • We advised the owner on how to reduce overhead labour and costs and introduce a single operating system that increased staff satisfaction and efficiency.
  • We designed a new pricing and billing model that increased gross margin, speeding cashflow and increasing client appreciation of value delivered.
  • We helped the owner to win a “tentpole” commercial project that will be the model for future projects.
  • We implemented best practice sales proposals and terms of business.
  • Our ongoing counsel reduced personal stress for the owner and his family, enabling him to work much more “on the business” and become a better people leader and more responsive to his clients.



What We Delivered

Year on Year Financial Growth:

  • 102% Increase in YTD Revenue
  • 181% Increase in YTD Gross Margin Earned
  • 10% Increase in Gross Margin Percentage
  • 510% Increase in YTD EBITDA

We also delivered:

  • Faster cashflow with reduced billing errors and workloads.
  • More financial clarity and improved business and personal reserves.
  • A better balance between residential and commercial revenues, increasing business value.
  • Better systems and data, with lower overhead labour and costs.
  • Better risk management, especially with clients and staff.
  • A pipeline of emerging managers who can grow with the business.
  • Reduced stress for the owner and his family, better decision making and leadership skills, and the confidence to grow the business further.


Working with Tim and Matt in the Business Advisory Collective has been the smartest and most rewarding business decision I have made. 18 months in and my passion and inspiration for my business has been reignited, our profits have doubled, our systems are new and improved, which has reflected this in satisfied clients and increased demand. 

I now have clear direction for the business and with the support of Matt and Tim providing me with actionable steps for each phase of growth, I feel confident in achieving the goals we have set for the business. It is rewarding working with a company that offers so much value in the service they provide. I highly recommend working with Business Advisory Collective for any of your business goals.”

– Brent Phipps, Founder, Byron Bay Ranga

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