Business Health Check


Our Business Health Check will score and rate your business, then give you the advice you need to make it stronger and more resilient so that it can survive the tough times and grow sustainably.

The Business Health Check is aimed at businesses that exist for commercial or “for profit” purposes – if your organisation has a “profit for purpose” (or “not for profit”) mission we instead recommend you purchase our tailored health check for those organisations.


What you will get:

  • A comprehensive, objective, full-service Business Review - our assessment process scores and rates your commercial or "for-profit" business against our Six Pillars Strategic Framework and our easy to read report that clearly identifies what you are doing well and what you might do better yet and highlights your urgent business opportunities and challenges
  • An Interview with one of our Principals - where you can ask the business questions and discuss the concerns that matter most to you
  • Practical and prioritised Recommendations - tailored to your current assessment results and your capacity to implement
  • Cost-effective leadership skills - helping you solve more of your strategic problems yourself and save money
  • A highly affordable Due Diligence tool and service - to help you increase the value of your business, or to assess another business that you may be interested in purchasing

Our online Business Health Check assessment:

  • Takes only 60 to 90 minutes to complete, depending on the scale and complexity of your business and the depth of your Optional Comments, yet reaches every part of your business at a strategic level

  • Includes rich multiple choice content - you can “learn by doing”

  • Is aimed at businesses that exist for commercial or "for profit" purposes - if your organisation has a "profit for purpose" (or "not for profit") mission we instead recommend you purchase our tailored health check for such organisations
  • Uses plain language wherever possible, but still covers necessarily complex business concepts that are important for your business

  • Can be completed in multiple sessions, accessed using a smartphone and is securely hosted for your protection
  • Can be started as soon as your purchase your Business Health Check online and you have received your e-mailed link

Advisory Services:

While many of our Business Health Check customers will be capable of implementing our recommendations, many business owners and leaders are stretched for time and capacity and may also wish to purchase our Advisory Services, which include ongoing business Check Ups, advice and support.  We can also help with many of your specific business projects, however, the choice will always be yours to make.

Outside of our trusted business adviser expertise, we have an extended network of highly capable and value for money business specialists that we can also refer you to - and we don’t take commissions or charge fee mark ups.

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