The 5Rs of the 2020 Holiday Season

By Matt McDonald
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While we write and talk a lot about the importance of business health, and the things that business owners and leaders should do to grow sustainable businesses, we are also keenly aware of the importance of personal sustainability – especially as we approach the end of a year that many would like to forget.


So I reached out to members of our Collective to see what advice they had about what we should be doing right now, as 2020 winds down (well, apart from eating and drinking well, and sleeping in, which are all part of my plan).  Here are the “5Rs” that I distilled from their advice:


Reconnect – with those who matter most


We have all had to change the ways that we connect with others in 2020 – but nothing beats being able to reconnect with people in the ways that affect us most deeply, whether that is visiting family for the first time in months, or even just having a simple beer with that mate who might not say much, but you just feel good spending time with.


Reflect – on what we have experienced and learned, alone and together


We all have stories to share about 2020.  Some stories don’t make a lot of sense until they are told or written down, even to the people who personally experienced them.  Don’t be surprised if the funny stories spark some tears, and you eventually find a way to smile about even dark moments.  Mixed emotions in times like these are absolutely normal, and maybe even good for us.


Most of all, don’t let these memories slip away unremarked… sometimes they really need to be acted on.  One of the unfortunate consequences of the Spanish Flu pandemic was how little mark it left on our shared memory (or public health planning, for that matter).


Reward – ourselves and each other, for the necessary sacrifices we have all made


Even the least affected among us had to make substantial sacrifices this year.  There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself and each other now.


Personally speaking, I have never felt so happy to be served by the wonderful waiters, chefs and bartenders of the Melbourne hospitality industry.  And they deserve every tip they get.


Refresh – so that we can move forward, renewed


Just because you have been “locked down” doesn’t mean you have slept well.  All those hours on videoconferences can cause lasting back and neck problems.  And we’ve all experienced “groundhog day”, at some point.


Sleep in.  Have a nap.  Take a hike.  Have a surf.  Watch sport. Turn off your notebook and phone.  Let your mind drift where it needs to, for a while.  And if you need some reminders on how to relax, here are some expert tips.


Reset – so that we have the right purpose, values, goals and strategies for 2021


When the time is right, get yourself ready for what should be a remarkable year ahead.  Apply those reflections and make sure that you (and your business) are focusing on the right work in 2021.  Because if there is only one thing that we should have learned from 2020, its that good personal and business health can’t be left to chance.


And when you’re ready to share your plans for 2021, we’ll be back too, ready to help you.

Matt McDonald

Matt McDonald

Matt has worked as a CFO, Acting CEO, Company Secretary and Head of Sales and HR for 30+ years.

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