Tiffany Quinlan

HR Specialist Consultant

Onboarding Engagement & Alignment
Performance Management

With over 25 years business experience spanning across many functions ranging from organisational transformation, accounting and Human Resources right through to sales leadership, I entered the world of consulting to share my expertise with other leaders and their organisations. I believe passionately that people are the competitive edge every business craves, and work closely with my clients to allow them to be the best version of them that they can be.


Tiffany  Quinlan
Tiffany  Quinlan

What do you enjoy most about working with small and medium sized businesses?

The most rewarding element is the ability to bring years of expertise and collaborate, without loads of red tape, to enable the success of those businesses.

How do you know if you’ve really succeeded in helping your clients?

You know you have succeeded with a client when they keep coming back for advice, refer you to others, and their end goals are achieved.

Some say that other people are “dog people” or “cat people” - are you a “Tim person”, a “Matt person”, or both?

Tim or Matt person – what a tough one. I worked with both for some time and respect their expertise, but – if I had to remove myself from the fence – Tim wins, as I always envied him living in Byron Bay!  Sorry, Matt – it was so close. Having said that, I was an accountant in another life, so no doubt understand Matt more!

Skills and Experience

Having worked in an emerging growth company and then the integration of 28 entities into one brand, with the subsequent establishment of a new brand in the local Australian market, I have learned more about change management, organisational design, resilience, coaching managers and innovation than any textbook can teach you.

I have had extensive experience working with small to medium sized entities, many of which are family owned, assisting them navigate the ever changing HR landscape. As an HR concierge service I have assisted existing HR teams where there are specific projects that need specialised advice, ranging from remuneration and incentives to  recruitment and attraction through to leadership development and succession and organisational planning, in addition to enabling operational leaders to implement best HR practice.

As an accredited executive coach, member of AHRI, Chartered Accountant and accredited in Mental Health First Aid, I pride myself on continual professional development.

You don’t have to go it alone any more. And working together, the sky’s the limit!

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