Katheryn Kershaw

Social Media Consultant

Acquisition & Conversion
Retention & Loyalty

Katheryn is your social media story teller ‘behind the scenes’, crafting your stories online and engaging with your audience.

Working in large corporates for over ten years, she often supported not for profits and small businesses with their social media strategies in her free time. Now she has the pleasure of supporting small businesses full time, crafting simple messages that speak directly to your customers.

Katheryn takes the time to understand a business, their purpose, value and direction to help them connect in more meaningful ways with their audiences. She brings her personality to her work, to bring your brand to life, so your audience connects with you, not just your logo.


Katheryn Kershaw
Katheryn Kershaw

What do you enjoy most about working with small and medium sized businesses?

When working with small and medium sized businesses, it’s just so much more personal, so the work and the results are much more meaningful.

Their brands are more than a message, they are a personality and they are something that has evolved alongside the business and the owner – and I really enjoy helping them evolve even further.

What was the best experience or knowledge that you gained from working with larger businesses that you really want small and medium sized business clients to benefit from?

The number one lesson I took from big businesses, that I wish smaller businesses knew, is that they don’t know everything either!

Behind all big businesses is a team of advisers and consultants helping them. They have experts on call for everything. As small business owners we put ourselves under pressure to replicate that, on our own, and it’s just not possible.

So I would really like them to know: you don’t need to do it all, you can get help with the things you don’t do best.

Some say that other people are “dog people” or “cat people” - are you a “Tim person”, a “Matt person”, or both?

I’m definitely a dog person, the one internet trend I never jumped on was cat videos!

But I’m definitely both a Matt and Tim person. Having worked with them for so long, I know that they bring something out of each other that ‘just works’ for both them and their clients, and I can’t imagine working with one without the other.

Skills and Experience

Katheryn’s skills include designing social media strategy, creating captions, curating feeds, understanding and engaging with social media trends (that are appropriate to the customer), engaging with audiences, hashtag research, social media audit, social media analytics and content strategy and execution.

Working with small businesses, she has been able to grow increase their engagement, creating and growing feeds that promote their business, brands and people.

Katheryn is currently completing her Bachelor of Business (Marketing).

You don’t have to go it alone any more. And working together, the sky’s the limit!

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