Kara Rodden

Purpose, Values and Engagement Consultant

Onboarding Engagement & Alignment
Purpose & Values

Kara Rodden is the business nous and good vibes behind Lumi Business Consulting.

With both local and international business experience that spans over two decades, Kara is now based in Byron Bay consulting as a strategic thinker and facilitator. She primarily works with conscious businesses that are eager to make a positive difference in the world.

For Kara, leadership, culture and brand identity are inextricably linked. Kara helps business founders, owners, and leadership teams strategically define and operationalise these concepts to set the entire business up for success.  The starting point?  Purpose and values.

Kara  Rodden
Kara  Rodden

Which of your business values do you think is most important to you, and why?

‘Courage’ is a game changer in business.  Not just ‘courage’ in taking calculated risks, but the courage to be authentic, to learn, to trust, to be vulnerable.


What is the most common misunderstanding that clients have about what consultants in your field do?

A great consultant will provide the tools, frameworks and facilitation to help their client uncover or clarify their genuine business purpose and values – not just tell them ‘the answer’.


What is the one mistake that small and medium sized businesses typically make, that you think you can help your Advisory Collective clients to avoid?

Often ‘culture’ is an afterthought or linked to HR policies. Successful businesses hardwire culture into their DNA, from the get-go. It’s how people are encouraged to live their business purpose and values, in their day-to-day work.


Skills and Experience

Skills: Kara’s key skills relate to expert facilitation and coaching of diverse groups, supporting them to unearth new insight and creativity, and ultimately driving alignment on strategic action.

Qualifications: Having initially completed a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing, Kara has gone on to expand her professional qualifications with multiple coaching and facilitation qualifications (Whole Brain® Model, Life Styles Inventory™, ?What If! Master Practitioner).

Experience: With more than 20 years experience working in various Marketing, HR and consulting roles, Kara has worked within and alongside businesses of all shapes and sizes – from manufacturing businesses to service-based businesses; from start-ups to multinationals; and from the private sector to not for profits.

You don’t have to go it alone any more. And working together, the sky’s the limit!

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