Our Approach: Business Reviews & Advice

 We assess the health of your business and provide you with advice to help it survive, grow and thrive

We Assess & Advise You:

Our Business Health Check process is based on our Six Pillars Strategic Framework.

Our assessment process will show you how healthy your business is currently and then give you the practical and prioritised advice you need to help it survive, grow and thrive at that point in time.

Post health-check, our Advisory Services provide you with regular Check Ups (and optional Check Ins) that give you the support that we think every business owner and leader needs on their journey to increase business profitability and value.

You may purchase one service with no obligation to purchase the other - but there are many advantages to starting with a Business Health Check that lays the foundations for improving business health before implementing Advisory Services where we directly help you to do the work.

Assessment & Interview


Our online Business Health Check assessment only takes between 60 to 90 minutes to complete but touches on every part of your business.

We then discuss the results of your assessment with you in an Interview with one of our Principals, to complete our understanding of the health of your business.

Report & Recommendations


Our easy to read Business Performance Report includes our Scores and Ratings of the health of your business, together with prioritised and practical recommendations.

We also share further resources with you that will help you and your business.

Advisory Services


We believe that all business owners and leaders need to have a trusted business adviser who can support them through regular Check Ups.

We can scope, set up and deliver our business Advisory Services packages that will meet your trusted business adviser needs, and to help your business become more profitable and valuable.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“We had a lot of data, but required it to be easily understood for our clients. Tim was able to create simple and easy dashboards to understand the value our technology brought to their business”

— Christine Curphy, COO, MiCare Global

"We have grown our holiday homes by 30% YoY and our bookings have risen to meet the demand. This is down to the tweaks in our go to market strategy, customer experience, content and social presence to attract the right customers."

Jane Bartrum, MD, KV&SH Escapes

“Operationally, we are now in a position to grow sustainably, with systems and processes that enable us to scale without losing quality and value to our customers”

— Sarita Merlo, Founder, Byron Bay Tea Company