Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services can help your business to grow and thrive and become more profitable and valuable.

Why Do You Need A Business Advisor?

You might wish to have an experienced business partner or advisory board that provides valuable business advice and “has your back”, but do not wish to sacrifice your control and independence.

You may need expert assistance with challenging projects that will accelerate your business growth or address your urgent business health risks, while keeping those projects aligned to and connected with your business strategy.

You now want to have better information to help you work more “on the business” but may be unsure how to extract, analyse and make the best use of the right data.

You are thinking about studying a business course, but prefer to learn practical business leadership skills directly from experienced business experts that you can apply directly to your business, for a lower outlay than formal study.

What Do You Get From Advisory Services ?

Insights & Trends

We will connect you to business issues, trends, opportunities and risks and help you with what matters most to you.

Business Structures & Processes

We can set up and and manage business structures and processes that connect your strategies to execution to increase profits.

Data for Results

We can design, implement and help you to make good use of the key metrics that matter for your business.

Hands On Help

We can help you to execute specific business projects as business advisors where you don't have capacity or expertise to do the job yourself.

Strategic Perspectives

We will help you to think and act strategically, about where your business is going and what you wish to do with it.

Learning & Development

We will pass on our 50 years of collective business management experience to you through friendly, practical business coaching.

Our Advisory Services Process:

We prefer to start with an initial Business Health Check because this provides us with a broad understanding of you and your business and delivers immediate value, however we can also start with a direct consultation process at the Scoping stage.

We typically recommend a 12 month engagement program incorporating monthly or quarterly Check Ups and assistance with specific projects, depending on your budget and needs.



We learn about you, your business and your needs and constraints, and recommend and agree on the scope of scheduled Check Ups and (where also agreed) Check Ins and any expert help we can provide with specific business project needs.


Set Up

We design and implement any agreed recurring processes, such as setting up Business Intelligence Tools and Data Dashboards, to ensure that you and we have the information that we need.


Check Ups

In addition to providing agreed advice and support based on your recurring business data, we schedule regular sessions with you to discuss your business strategy and results, share our learnings from the wider business world and help you with your business challenges and dilemmas.


Check Ins

Depending on the agreed scope of our work, we can also make ourselves available between scheduled Check Ups for short “Check Ins”, where we help you deal with specific and urgent issues that you need help with right away.

Advisory Service Investment:

Our Advisory Services are strategically priced to cost no more than around a third of the annual budget that we believe you should allocate for external advisers or consultancy services. This enables the remainder of your budget to be available for other specialist advisers or specific projects.

Our minimum Advisory Services engagements are for a 12 month period, with at least quarterly progress reviews.  This ensures that our clients derive sufficient value from our services and we each recoup our Scoping and Set Up time investments.

Advisory Services Packages

Starting from $900 (+ GST) per month

We generally structure our fees to be paid in equal monthly installments on a retainer basis.

We provide you with a Tax Invoice for your GST claiming and income tax deduction purposes.

Please also note that we are selective about the clients that we work with in this way, to ensure that there is a good fit between our clients’ needs and our own expertise and capacity.  If you are interested in growing your business with our Advisory Services, please enquire: